Welcome to your Alma Mater, IIM Visakhapatnam

Dear Alumni Friends,

Students (current and past), are the real strength of an academic institution.
I am pleased to learn that an IIMV Alumni Portal is being launched to help the Institute’s community stay connected with all of you! That its inauguration is on this year's Independence Day, the 15 August 2019, makes the portal-launch all the more special and memorable.
I look forward to this portal emerging as a lively and vibrant forum for all of us to converge, connect and catch up! It should serve as a powerful medium fostering a stronger bond between us.
It should of course be a platform for all of you not only to reminisce about and relive the exciting times that you spent on the campus but also to share with us your remarkable achievements, rewarding experiences and inspiring success stories, for us to join your celebrations with pride!
I call upon all of you to play an active role in mentoring, guiding and supporting the endeavours of our current students.
Also, do let us know of possible avenues for deepening our association and collaboration professionally, for mutual benefit.
Wish you all continued happiness and success!
Good wishes.

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